Resident Evil Umbrella Just another of Umbrella's Play Things

Just another of Umbrella's Play Things


Best Team Ever For Resident Evil Raccoon City! <3

<} Mika

Oh my god lol! Kuroshitsuji Gamer tags! <3



srry for the major inactivity, I pulled a all nighter and played like mad! My arms are literally sore.

I just love that game.Tweed is so awesome! I juts love her and so far Jill is my favorite hero.(well cause every time I play it I always get spec ops..)What I noticed so far is that no matter who Plays as Ada,she is so damn sneaky! she just pops up out of no where..

Love you guys and sorry again 


the ladies of Outbreak ~

yes! I got my copy!!


Once again, only you survived, Mr.Death.

RESIDENT EVIL ORC! lets get this show on the road!

RESIDENT EVIL ORC! lets get this show on the road!


damn typos 

oc:hey everyone I finally made it to the tournament tally’s and it is going so darn slow! I’m number 24:14(weird) and its only on 3:01 so I’m going to be here a while :3 Tumblr app sucks so Imma try my best! I brought my bro and a couple of friends and we had to come up with a name…{was thinking about wesker} “Complete,global saturation!”so far online: Grenades are way overpowered so watch out,Militia rifle has beast aim,Finding grenade launcher is key to beat other heroes,There is a option called Juggernaut Heroes…which I guess lets all members highly Immune to Gun fire..But other than that the game looks good~

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